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Revised November 2001


The primary purpose of the 27th Alabama Infantry Regiment shall be that of forming an historic recreation of the Confederate Alabama Infantry regiment mustered in at Florence, Alabama in December of 1861. We intend to portray, as accurately as possible, this regiment as we participate in War Between the States reenactments, living histories, educational programs, etc.


A. Full (voting) membership is available to reenacting members age 14 or over. Membership may be granted upon payment of annual dues and submission of an application to one of the Officers or NCO’s of the regiment and approval by a majority vote of the Full Members at any event at which a quorum is present. Annual dues must be paid by the time of the Annual Meeting for members to have a vote in elections and scheduling of events.

Associate Memberships are available to descendants of the historic 27th Alabama, SCV members, and anyone interested in the history of the 27th and/or helping us to portray them today. Membership may be granted upon request to one of our current Full Members and submission of Associate Member dues (currently $5.00 annually) and is subject to approval by a majority vote of the Full Members at an event at which a quorum is present.

C. Musicians aged 12 or over will be allowed to participate upon approval by a majority vote at any event at which a quorum is present.

No one under the age of 16 shall be permitted to carry a loaded weapon at any event. Members must follow age requirements of individual event sponsors.


Organizational Command:

The 27th Alabama Infantry shall be commanded by a Captain and Sergeant as elected by the membership. Non-commissioned Officers may be elected or appointed by the Commander at a ratio of not more than 1 NCO per 6 Privates.

Field Command:

Officers and NCO’s will wear only such rank as appropriate to the number of troops fielded at any given event and are permitted to wear any rank up to their elected rank. Organizational rank shall be respected by all members regardless of field rank worn.


An annual meeting of the Regiment shall be held at a time and place designated by the current officers and NCO’s, and shall serve as the forum for Regimental elections.

Special meetings shall be called whenever circumstances dictate.


Officers and NCO’s will be elected annually and will serve for a term of 1 year.


Annual Meeting and designated Maximum Effort events: Those members present shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote will decide all issues.

Special Meetings: All Full members shall be notified a minimum of one week in advance of the meeting date and proposed agenda of any special meeting in which a vote is to be held . Those members present shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote will decide all issues.

Each Full member shall have ONE vote. Written proxy votes of Full members will be accepted.


All members shall be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will honor the Soldiers whose memories we represent.

At all events, each man will strive to conduct himself in an authentic, military manner, particularly in the presence of the public and other reenactment units. This includes paying appropriate respect to those of superior rank and following orders.

All safety regulations must be followed. Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.

The "Alabama Division Safety Rules and Guidelines for Infantry (Jan. ’91) have been adopted by the 27th Alabama and will be followed by all members.

Failure to abide by the rules of conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the Regiment. Any member violating safety rules or rules of conduct may be removed from the field for the duration of the event by any Officer or NCO of the Regiment. Dismissal from the Regiment requires a majority vote of all Full members at a meeting at which a quorum is present.


Reenactment Battalion Affiliations will be voted upon by the membership at the annual meeting. If the membership votes to affiliate with a given Battalion, all members must strive to comply with all Battalion regulations when participating in events.


These bylaws may be revised or amended by a two-thirds vote at any official Regimental meeting. Proposed revisions shall be submitted to the Captain or Sergeant at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting at which they are intended to be voted on.

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