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On the weekend of November 30 - December 2, 2001,   some members of the
27th Alabama Infantry participated in the Carnton House Living History. During
the battle of Franklin, TN, the Carnton House was in the midst of the fray. The hospital
was used as a hospital during the battle and numerous soldiers died while lying on the
porch waiting for treatment. Our pards in the 1st TN Infantry, Co. D put on the event. Throughout the weekend there were two battle reenactments and two hospital scenes
on the porch of the house. It was a great event and we're looking forward to next year.
Below are some pictures taken over the weekend by Pvt. Sonny Box.

McGavCem1.jpg (61040 bytes) McGavock Cemetery in Franklin, TN
MajGrayLoad.jpg (51079 bytes) Major Gray Loading His Pistol
NateBJMonty.jpg (43672 bytes) Nathan Holloway, Bobby Joe Killen, and Monty Shelton
McGavCem3.jpg (50280 bytes) Another Picture of McGavock Cemetery in Franklin, TN

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