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This event was the bigun' for the year and was definitely a great one. The weekend started off with a sunrise battle in Donelson's Field. We all rolled out of bed before first light to get ready for the battle. There's nothing like shooting Yanks at the crack of dawn to get the weekend started. This wasn't all the fighting for the day. Later on that afternoon, we met up with the bluebellies in the cornfield. It was a fierce fight but we came through it with Lt. Killen leading us all the way.
bobbykevcorn.jpg (34199 bytes) Lt. Killen and Maj. Gray Lead Us Through The Cornfield
Things were pretty quiet for most of the following day till we got called into action about 2:00. We were sent to this place called the "sinkhole" with orders to drive the Yanks from the area. We're always one to follow orders so we went up one hill and drove the bluebellies off the opposite hill. We then proceeded up the other hill and took the Union artillery batteries. We had the Yanks on the run and we weren't about to let up. Then some of our boys made the prettiest flank movement you ever saw. What Yanks didn't surrender on the spot skedaddled quick as their brogans would go.
ltkillenbedtime.jpg (19215 bytes) Lt. Killen's Personal Guard; Pvts Yarbrough, Mann, and Noblit

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Fall Back