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Recently, some of the 27th Alabama was invited to do a living history for Summertown Middle School in Summertown, TN. Ms. Lee, a teacher at SMS asked us to set up a small camp for her class and other classes also. Captain Killen, Pvt. Hamilton and myself Sgt. Beard spent the day telling four different classes about the clothes and equipment a soldier of the War Between the States would have used. We also spoke of the experiences a soldier would have had during his years of service and general information about the war. We got a great response from the kids who seemed generally interested. We even received a basket from the kids which contained Thank You notes from nearly every one of them. Ms. Lee asked for a picture that resembled a family photo of the era so below you'll see Momma Lee, her brother Uncle Bob (aka Capt. Killen) and her two sons Pvt. Adam Hamilton and Sgt. Matt Beard.
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